Panerai Radiomir Replica

In 1916, Panerai registered patent for the RADIOMIR. The Radiomir created by the Panerai is a kind of luminescence material with radium, which is used for the instruments and dial luminous paint. In 1936, Panerai developed the first trial work of “Radiomir” watches, which was used by the Frogloks forces of the headquarters in the first diving forces of the Italian royal navy.

In 1949, Radiomir was placed by Luminor instead. Luminor can shine itself, and this tritium compounds on January 11, 1949 was registered patents, and the registered trademark was “Luminor”. The half-life period of the Tritium is 12.5 years, that is to say, the useful life of the noctilucent made by tritium is about more than ten years.

panerai radiomir replica

panerai radiomir replica

Luminous automatic mechanical watches – Ball and Gas Light

The gas lamp technology patent is the same with Panerai Radiomir British patent, which originally was aimed to design for weapon. In this patent there designed the structure of the luminous body, and the Mineral glass tube coated with the Phosphorus phosphor material inwall was filling the gas tritium, and the tritium and phosphorescent material reacted to form cold light source, namely tritium trachea. There are two normal tritium trachea manufacturers in the world today: Swiss MB – microtec and the Canada SRB, the former invented this technology in the 1980s, which is also the Tritium trachea manufacturer of the BallWatch.

According to the official description of BALL WATCH, this kind of gas lamp luminous technology can provide high-quality and long-lasting brightness, whose brightness is 100 times that of the existing luminous coating, and can continue to shine up to 25 years.

Noctilucent function is also one of the biggest selling point for the watch, in the increasingly improved watch technology, noctilucent function is far more than the techniques mentioned above. Noctilucent function is very important to watch, especially for those flight watches or nautical watches, etc.